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In the Face of Disruption Don’t Just Pivot, Reorient

For some time the tech world has been governed by the concept of disruptive innovation selling us on the promise that progress comes when we move fast and break things.

Re-imagining The Future Of Hebrew In America

Along with Hebrew at the Center, CASJE is pleased to co-sponsor a conversation on "Re-imagining The Future Of Hebrew In America," with Sharon Avni, Professor, BMCC, and Avital Karp

Leadership in the COVID-19 Wilderness - A Series for Jewish Early Childhood Leaders

CASJE will present findings during a webinar series for Jewish Early Childhood Leaders, "Leadership in the COVID-19 Wilderness." This project is a joint initiative of The Paradigm Project, the…

Where Does the Time Go for Jewish Day School Leaders

Researchers who study school leadership use time-use research to understand in what ways school leaders spend their time and the degree to which their time continues to be administration-bound,…

How “Second-in-Command” Leaders in Jewish Day Schools Spend Their Time and Why it Matters

First in a series, this brief reports on findings from a secondary analysis of data collected for CASJE’s Jewish Educational Leadership in Day Schools study.

What Will Happen to Jewish Preschool and the Teachers our Children Love?

By Dr. Arielle Levites, CASJE Managing Director

Resources in Response to COVID-19

These are trying and unsettling times. Mandatory closures, bans on in-person gatherings, and stay-at-home orders have all radically changed Jewish education across all sectors.

Hebrew becomes hip in American schools as a boon for kids and communities

Along with its increasing popularity come some significant challenges, such as finding qualified educators to run classes and programs.

Eight Communities and Local Organizations Selected for Major Study on the Recruitment, Retention, and Development of Educators in Jewish Settings in North America

CASJE-supported researchers will partner with local organizations to survey and interview educators