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New Project Will Explore How Jewish Early Childhood Education Can be a Gateway for Ongoing Involvement in Jewish Life

CASJE commissions Child Trends and team from Brandeis University for major study on engaging Jewish families with young Jewish children

Creating a Pedagogical Vision for Tanakh Education

This year marked the beginning of an exciting new chapter in Jewish education.

CASJE at the Prizmah Conference

Day school lay and professional leaders are invited to explore the findings and possible implications of the recently released report, Leadership In Context: The Conditions for Success of Jewish…

The 3 Things That Make or Break a Jewish Day School

by Ellen Goldring and Susan Kardos

Second Hebrew Language Literature Review Explores How Language Learning Influences Identity, Relationships with Community

Washington, DC -- CASJE (the Consortium for Applied Studies in Jewish Education) today released the second of three literature reviews that explores what recent research about heritage, second and

Leadership in Context: At a Glance

Why CASJE? - Amy Skopp Cooper

Amy Skopp Cooper is the National Associate Director of the Ramah Camping Movement and the Director of Ramah Nyack, a position she has held for 20 years.

Seven Keys for Success of Jewish Day School Leaders Unveiled in New Study

Groundbreaking Research from CASJE Shows Importance of Teachers’ Relationships, Decision-Making Authority

Hebrew Language Acquisition Connected to Identity Development, Parental Support, Other Factors

CASJE releases first in Series of Lit Reviews on Hebrew, focuses on “heritage language learning” San Francisco, CA -- CASJE (the Consortium for Applied Studies in J