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New Report Offers Unprecedented Look at How Hebrew is Incorporated at Jewish Camp


Insights on strengthening connections to Israel & Jewish people, & bonds between campers

Reflections from NRJE’s Emerging Scholars Seminar

Editor’s Note: At this year’s NRJE/ASSSJ Conference, CASJE supported a seminar/workshop for emerging scholars—eight doctoral candidates and postdoctoral researchers were joined by a group of ei

CASJE Announces Move of Administrative Home to The George Washington University

Consortium’s applied research addresses day school leadership among other areas in Jewish education

Connecting Research to Practice

On The AVI CHAI Foundation blog, CASJE co-chair Dr. Michael Feuer recently shared insights about CASJE and its potential for future impact on the field. 

Why CASJE - Lauren Applebaum

Lauren Applebaum is a facilitator, consultant, and lecturer on professional learning for educators in Jewish and general education.

Why Don't More American Jews Learn Hebrew?

In his blog as Head of School at Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School, CASJE Board member Rabbi Mitchel Malkus, Ed.D.

Why CASJE - Paul Goren

Paul Goren is the superintendent of schools for the Evanston/Skokie, Illinois (District 65) public elementary schools, a district of 17 schools and centers serving over 7,200 students in an urb

Emerging Scholars Mentoring Seminar at NRJE Conference

The Network for Research in Jewish Education (NRJE) will host its 30th Annual Conference June 14-16, 2016 at Towson University, in Maryland.

American Jews and Day Schools

In eJewish Philanthropy, CASJE Board member Rabbi Mitchel Malkus, Ed.D., discusses opportunities and strategies for day schools to attract more families. Rabbi Malkus writes:

Compensation for ECE Educators

In The Huffington Post, Marcy Whitebook, Ph.D., and Lea J.E. Austin, Ed.D., discuss the rationale for increased compensation for educators in early childhood education.