Signature Process

The Collaborative community identifies important problems of practice in Jewish Education and guides the development of active research programs that grow out of those questions. 

The design of these research programs emerges from several stages of deliberation, review, debate, and clarification. This “Signature Process” ensures that broad questions are transformed into researchable problems, appropriate teams are employed to explore these problems, and adequate funding is secured to support these efforts. The process of moving from ideas to research programs will be conducted through some combination of competitive proposals in response to RFPs and the commissioning of research by the Board of Directors.

The research programs generated through this process will be designed to meet high standards for applied research of quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods. CASJE encourages projects where doctoral and post-doctoral students can participate actively, to develop their research skills and experience. By engaging senior scholars, experienced practitioners, and emerging scholars together, CASJE pursues its mission to build capacity while adding usable new knowledge to the field.

CASJE’s “signature process” can include some or all of the following five components: