Opportunity for an Emerging Scholar

I participated in several CASJE events as part of a doctoral-student mentoring program that the Consortium co-produced with the Network for Research in Jewish Education in 2014, and I have seen firsthand CASJE’s clear commitment to developing a pipeline of excellent researchers in the field. By pairing doctoral students from across programs with more senior researchers to create a cohort of emerging talent, CASJE has positioned itself exceptionally well to harness the skills, resources, and passion that exists in the growing field. CASJE’s work is accelerating and intensifying the production of excellent research in Jewish education that has until now been under-powered.

In addition, it is unusual and very special to reserve a seat on the advisory board for a doctoral student; this demonstration of CASJE’s investment in the next generation of researchers and practitioners makes me very optimistic about the future of Jewish education research. We are eager to create partnerships with institutions already doing excellent work in the field, and we look forward to new connections and collaborations. I am honored to be a part of this collective and to contribute to our work.

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