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CASJE is an evolving community dedicated to improving the quality of knowledge used to guide Jewish education. 


CASJE coordinates the efforts of researchers and leaders in Jewish education, focusing research teams on pressing issues facing the field.


CASJE supports philanthropic decision-making guided by sound evidence and promotes funding that leads to useable research.


CASJE engages practitioners to share their experiences and inform the design of agendas for research.

CASJE’s new research digest will share clear, concise summaries of new research that investigates how American Jews are…

Program Supported by Jim Joseph Foundation Offers Advanced Postdoctoral Training to Researchers Studying…

CASJE (The Collaborative for Applied Studies in Jewish Education) at George Washington University announced three…

Fellows seek to partner with organizations to build collaborative research projects.

CASJE (Collaborative…

On behalf of CASJE at George Washington University and its many partners, Dr. Arielle Levites accepted…

Leaders in Jewish education convened at George Washington University in November 2022 to discuss…

Home Testimonial

Our founder, William Davidson, understood the lifelong impact Jewish education can have on an individual and a community. Mr. Davidson supported various causes for many decades, including those that benefited individual Jewish day schools and communities, as well as larger opportunities to professionalize the field of Jewish education.  This grant—to understand how to attract and retain the best educators—positions us to expand upon his vision.

Menachem “Manny” Menchel, program officer for Jewish Education at the William Davidson Foundation