Shabbat Dinner Study


Shabbat Dinner Study



In 2022, CASJE was awarded a research grant from the Templeton World Charity Foundation, Inc. to investigate how Shabbat dinner practices can promote social connectedness. The project is a partnership with OneTable, a national nonprofit that empowers young adults to find, share, and enjoy Shabbat dinners. The research is also supported by the Jim Joseph Foundation and the BeWell Initiative at Jewish Federations of North America. CASJE Managing Director Arielle Levites, PhD, leads the research team.


Project Summary


In addition to contributing to a growing body of literature that addresses how community-based initiatives can support well-being, this study is designed to offer useful theoretical frameworks and measures that can support the development of robust Jewish engagement programs, which historically tend to emphasize social connection as a critical outcome.

This mixed-methods study utilizes focus groups, semi-structured interviews, surveys, and a cluster randomized trial.  The psychometrically validated study instrument, which includes existing, new, and adapted scales, will be made publicly available as tool for measuring social connection, well-being and orientations to Jewish heritage. We are grateful to Honeymoon Israel, 18Doors, and REALITY for their partnership in developing this instrument.

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Meet the Project Team Members


OneTable Practice Partners

  • Aliza Kline, President + CEO
  • Julia Logan Labow, Director, Impact + Learning
  • Pammie Shapiro, Director, Program + Tech Integration
  • Annie Prusky, Senior Development Manager, Data + Research