CASJE offers a variety of ways for senior and emerging researchers in Jewish education to explore questions and issues of interest to them and to the field.


Conducting and Supporting Research


CASJE focuses on identifying and addressing impactful questions of practice and policy while concurrently facilitating research to support evidence-informed decision-making deeply grounded in empirical data.

Activities in this area include:

Fellowship mentor stands and speaks to small group of research fellows


Building and Strengthening the Pipeline of Researchers


A core value of CASJE is building capacity in the field of Jewish education research and cultivating the next generation of scholars. CASJE provides opportunities to support the development of a healthy pipeline of researchers who will continue to contribute to the field for years to come.

Activities in this area include:

  • CASJE's Applied Research Fellowship, which aims to prepare scholars to meet the research needs of American Jewish educational and communal organizations, to thereby expand the pipeline of researchers positioned to conduct critical, high-quality applied research in Jewish education and contemporary Jewish life.
  • Appointments of a seat on the CASJE Advisory Board for an emerging scholar.
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Get Involved

If you are interested in participating in a CASJE convening, working group, field experiment, or research project, contact us and we would be happy to connect with you.

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CASJE is a bridge connecting two of my passions: applied social science research for education and the advancement of Jewish life and learning.

Dr. Michael Feuer
Dean, Graduate School of Education and Human Development at the George Washington University