CASJE is committed to supporting philanthropic decision-making in Jewish education guided by sound evidence. We enable and nurture high-quality applied research in the field, ensure that findings are widely shared and seriously considered, and assist in securing funding that facilitates that research.




Funders of Jewish education and engagement programs and initiatives are critical partners in CASJE’s work. Individual philanthropists and foundation professionals are represented in our convenings, panel discussions, and events alongside researchers and practitioners.

As part of its core work, CASJE is cultivating an active community of funders who are knowledgeable about, and committed to supporting, applied research. This work occurs through webinars, conference-based workshop sessions (at Jewish Funders Network and other venues), and stand-alone, customized gatherings.

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To date, CASJE benefits from generous support from the Jim Joseph Foundation, Crown Family Philanthropies, Templeton World Charity Foundation, William Davidson Foundation, The AVI CHAI Foundation, Mandell and Madeleine Berman Foundation, The Steinhardt Foundation for Jewish Life, and an anonymous foundation. We would be delighted to welcome additional funding partners.

With a series of successful initiatives around Career Trajectories of Jewish Education, Jewish Educational Leadership, and Jewish Early Childhood Education, CASJE is seeking additional investors to support its work and fund specific programs of research.


CASJE's Needs


CASJE is grateful for our sponsors, as we continue to grow, CASJE is in need of further support for our core operations. In addition, in order to do its work, CASJE must raise funds dedicated to research of the topics that emerge from conversations among funders, practitioners and researchers as the most pressing issues in Jewish education.


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If you are interested in supporting or working with CASJE, please contact us and we would be happy to connect with you.

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"I strongly support CASJE’s work to influence the culture of philanthropy so that it becomes unimaginable for Jewish funders not to invest in research. Every time a funder makes a grant, we should ask, ‘What can be learned that will make us and the whole field smarter about how and where we invest our dollars?’ CASJE will help to ensure that question becomes second-nature to Jewish philanthropy."

Fay Twersky
William and Flora Hewlett Foundation