CASJE's work is guided by a group of senior directors from the diverse field of Jewish education and general education research, including graduate students and emerging scholars, leaders of Jewish educational institutions, and experts in education policy and practice. The directors for 2020 are:

Dr. Rena Dorph

UC Berkeley

Dr. Henry Braun

Boston College

Dr. Michael Feuer

George Washington University

Rabbi Mitchel Malkus, Co-Chair

Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School

Dr. Charles “Chip” Edelsberg

Dr. Sharon Feiman-Nemser

Brandeis University

Dr. Ellen Goldring

Vanderbilt University

Dr. Heather C. Hill

Harvard University

Dr. Benjamin Jacobs, Co-Chair

George Washington University; NRJE

Dr. Susan Kardos

Abraham Joshua Heschel School

Dr. Ari Y Kelman

Stanford University

Dr. Alisa Rubin Kurshan

Dr. Lee Shulman, Board Chair Emeritus

Stanford University

Adam Weisberg

Urban Adamah

Amanda Winer

New York University

Dr. Tali Zelkowicz

The Wexner Foundation

Dr. Arielle Levites

Managing Director, CASJE; ex-officio


The administrative home of CASJE is the Graduate School of Education and Human Development at the George Washington University, which is responsible for executive management and financial oversight of the Consortium. Dr. Arielle Levites is CASJE's Managing Director.

To date, CASJE is supported by gifts from the AVI CHAI Foundation, the Jim Joseph Foundation, the Mandell L. and Madeleine H. Berman Foundation, the Crown Family, the Steinhardt Foundation for Jewish Life, the William Davidson Foundation, and an anonymous foundation. The Consortium welcomes additional funding partners.