What We Do

CASJE is a first-of-its-kind effort to coordinate the work of a diverse range of researchers, practitioners, and funders who believe that evidence should drive decision-making in Jewish education. To this end, CASJE helps to develop applied research programs focused on high-priority issues facing Jewish education.

Currently, the field of Jewish education lacks a robust evidence base of useable and shareable knowledge that can inform and advance Jewish educational practice as well as investment of financial resources. CASJE’s mission is to promote the highest-quality applied research by increasing the capacity of researchers, practitioners, and funders—those already doing this work and those with new interest—to build, use, and share such knowledge.


CASJE began in 2011 as a collaboration between the Stanford Graduate School of Education, the AVI CHAI and Jim Joseph Foundations, and Rosov Consulting. Today CASJE is housed at The George Washington University' Graduate School of Education and Human Development and is supported by the Jim Joseph Foundation and Crown Family Philanthropies, among others. Through a series of conferences and working groups that have convened a wide array of institutions and individuals, we have helped to lay the groundwork for applied research in key areas of the field.

Examples of our work include:

  • Literature reviews of research exploring heritage, second, and foreign language learning in relation to Hebrew language education
  • A report on the use of Hebrew at North American Jewish day camps
  • Public events, in-person and virtual, that initiate important conversations among funders, researchers, and practitioners
  • Mentoring opportunities for emerging researchers in the field

Our Signature Process: Learn more about how CASJE identifies and develops areas of research.