Jewish Educational Leadership in Day Schools

What characterizes effective educational leadership in Jewish day schools?

CASJE’s research program in Jewish Educational Leadership in Day Schools is the most ambitious applied research initiative in Jewish education to date. This groundbreaking study explores what characterizes effective educational leadership generally and, more specifically, what constitutes distinctively Jewish educational leadership in the field.





What do effective Jewish educational leaders prioritize? How do they adapt their leadership style to different schools and contexts? Which leadership styles and qualities are tied to the best teacher and student outcomes?

Commissioned by CASJE (the Consortium for Applied Studies in Jewish Education) with funding from The AVI CHAI Foundation and The Mandell L. and Madeleine H. Berman Foundation, a research team analyzed data to determine what qualities are perceived to correlate with high levels of satisfaction and retention among teachers, with a positive school climate, and with student outcomes that meet the school’s academic, social-emotional, ethical and religious learning goals. 

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