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CASJE at the Conference of The Council for Hebrew Language and Culture in North America

December 3, 2017
DoubleTree Hotel
128 Frontage Rd, Newark, NJ 07114

CASJE participated in a panel at the annual conference of The Council for Hebrew Language and Culture in North America. Researchers Chad Walker and Dr. Sharon Avni presented CASJE's recently commissioned literature reviews that explore what research about heritage, second, and foreign language learning means for the teaching and learning of Hebrew. CASJE Project Management Team member Frayda Gonshor Cohen presented the first review in this series conducted by Avital Karpman.

Additionally, Dr. Avni presented the study Connection, Not Proficiency: Survey of Hebrew at North American Jewish Summer Camps, funded in part by CASJE, at the plenary session on Why Hebrew in North America? All of these researchers also participated in conversations with members of the Hebrew council executive about the kinds of research questions that might support teaching and learning of Hebrew in North America.

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