Recap of Problem Formulation Convening on Jewish Peoplehood Education

November 18, 2015

Group of CASJE affiliated professionals talk in small groups after meeting ends; one holds CASJE folder in arm

Earlier this month, CASJE held a day-long conversation exploring opportunities for research into efforts aimed at cultivating and educating toward a sense of Global Jewish Peoplehood. A small group of partners—including front-line practitioner-leaders, researchers interested in studying these efforts, and foundations that support the field—identified important issues and questions that can serve as the basis for a program of applied research in the Global Jewish Peoplehood field.

In particular, the convening explored the roles of travel and mifgashim (person-to-person encounters) as signature practices that nurture in Jewish people of all ages a sense of connection to and concern for global Jewish communities. The conversation began to make explicit how these practices point to the promise of people and places as rich resources in this field.

As with other CASJE Problem Formulation Convenings (PFC)--for example, addressing Hebrew language education and Jewish early childhood education--the Jewish Peoplehood Education PFC was a first step in identifying the research questions that, if explored, promise to greatly improve practice and make the greatest positive difference to the field. Now, CASJE is working to connect funders and researchers with the goal of launching programs of research that address travel and mifgash-related questions. We look forward to keeping you informed as these efforts progress.