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Release of Major Research on the Career Trajectories of Jewish Educators

July 13, 2021

It has been more than ten years since the last systematic effort to collect data about the Jewish educator workforce; in some areas of Jewish education no large-scale data have ever been collected. The CASJE Career Trajectories of Jewish Educators Study was designed to provide usable knowledge about the recruitment, retention and development of Jewish educators. Beginning July 2021 CASJE released a series of reports and briefs highlighting findings from the study.

Read the press release here.

Read insights from Arielle Levites, PhD, Managing Director of CASJE.

Read insights from Alex Pomson, PhD, Principal and Managing Director of Rosov Consulting. 

View a webinar on the study data hosted by CASJE and Rosov Consulting for leaders in Jewish education.

Career Trajectories of Jewish Educators

This study is animated by the belief that research-based knowledge is a critical resource in tackling complex problems in Jewish education. Insights generated through research can inform planning strategies for the field, guide philanthropic investment, and frame the design of well-conceived programmatic interventions. In this case the focus is on increasing the capacity to support Jewish educators at all stages of their careers.

Mapping the Market: An Analysis of the Preparation, Support, and Employment of Jewish Educators 

Mapping the Market looks at the labor market for Jewish education in the United States, analyzing both supply-side and demand-side data to understand what employers look for in Jewish educators and how pre-service and professional development programs prepare educators to meet the needs of the learners and communities they serve.

Read Mapping the Market: An Analysis of the Preparation, Support, and Employment of Jewish Educators

Enjoy an interactive experience mapping the market of pre-service and in-service training for Jewish educators.