Economics of Jewish Education


Economics of Jewish Education



Jewish education is resource-intensive for both consumers and producers. By looking at the entire network of stakeholders--families, schools, camps, foundations, communal institutions, synagogues--CASJE aims to better understand the dynamics among them and to explore the financial condition of Jewish education at large.


Research Overview


Is the system sustainable in its current forms? Does it need to be changed? If so, how? How might other environmental concerns about the economic status of Jewish families in North America determine how Jewish education should look in the future?


Sustainability Research Brief

What follows is a portfolio of the six research briefs, each one examining in depth a single question. They are intended as a guide for anyone interested in furthering our understanding of the sustainability of Jewish education. Researchers might feel empowered to adapt the questions and pursue investigations of this vital area. Funders may wish to invest in research into this vital aspect of the Jewish community. Finally, community members might desire to inquire about these questions of their leaders.

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Survey on Hebrew Education in Part-Time Jewish Schools: Students

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Pirke Avot reminds us that without material support there can be no Torah (Avot 3:17). We know a great deal about Torah, but we know precious little about the material support that allows learning to take place.

Ari Kelman, Stanford University