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JPPI Voice of the People Index

This study seeks to measure changing attitudes among American Jews in the wake of October 7. Four waves of a survey of American Jews have been conducted since October 7: one week after, 3 weeks after, 7 weeks after (just after Thanksgiving), and 100 days after. The authors primarily report responses by religious denomination and political affiliation.

About the digest: In the context of an expanding global crisis that began with the Hamas terrorist attack of October 7th, CASJE will begin offering accessible, expert research summaries to keep leaders and decision-makers informed and up to date on the latest research evidence regarding the attitudes, behaviors, and needs of American Jews at this time. The CASJE Research Digest is a resource aimed at building a deeper understanding of the impact of this crisis and a shared evidence-base that can inform how communal leaders act at this time. Learn more >>

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February 15