CASJE Research Digest - Issue #3

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Why and How we Developed the CASJE Research Digest

This week, the CASJE Research Digest focuses on our purposes and procedures for developing research summaries. We know that our digest offers a perspective on research that is not typically offered in the Jewish communal world. With that in mind, we want to share more about why we started this project, how we select studies to feature, and what processes we employ for summarizing studies and publishing the digest.

About the digest: In the context of an expanding global crisis that began with the Hamas terrorist attack of October 7th, CASJE will begin offering accessible, expert research summaries to keep leaders and decision-makers informed and up to date on the latest research evidence regarding the attitudes, behaviors, and needs of American Jews at this time. The CASJE Research Digest is a resource aimed at building a deeper understanding of the impact of this crisis and a shared evidence-base that can inform how communal leaders act at this time. Learn more >>

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December 21