Jewish Peoplehood Research Brief: The Connection of Israel Education to Jewish Peoplehood

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 Jewish Peoplehood and Israel education have become increasingly prominent subjects on the agenda of Jewish life in the last decade. Academics, educators and organizational leaders have begun to utilize the concept of peoplehood in their discussions of the nature of Jewishness and its meaning for contemporary Jews. Jewish educators, philanthropists and academics have increasingly focused on the practice of Israel education, creating new organizations in North America and Israel, increasing resources and funding and developing a growing literature concerned with educating the young to understand and care for Israel.

In line with the CASJE guidelines for writing this policy brief, we ask: 1) To what extent is the growing interest in peoplehood relevant to contemporary Jewish concerns in general and to Israel education in particular?  2) What might be useful researchable questions to guide the development of a systemic policy for peoplehood and Israel education?  

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Barry Chazan
Richard Juran
Michael B. Soberman

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