Bringing Research to Camp

As a foundation, FJC (Foundation for Jewish Camp) has made data and research a key priority to inform our work to increase the number of children who experience immersive Jewish summers. We’re so pleased to match our drive for data and research with the good thinking and methodologies of CASJE, and to connect with Jewish camping practitioners to advance the conversation. FJC’s relationship with CAJSE is a natural partnership.

We recently completed a Problem Formulation Convening (we like to call it an “opportunity convening”), and already CASJE has broadened our exposure to great thinkers who have improved the way we approach our advocacy work. We have a long-established trust and rapport with practitioners, and through this collective, FJC has been able to bring practitioners and researchers into conversation with each other in that same spirit of rapport. It’s a powerful triumvirate.

The relationships we have seen develop between Jewish-camping researchers and practitioners, as the result of CASJE’s work, will enhance everyone’s efforts. Great explorations are underway for the field.


Share Your CASJE Experience

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