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Watch CASJE and JPro "Why We Do What We Do: Motivation, Choice, and Career"

Ilana Aisen and Arielle Levites reflect on the Career Trajectories of Jewish Educators Study.

From Findings to Funding: Using Research Evidence in Philanthropic Decision Making

Funders frequently support research and evaluation to inform grantmaking and other decisions. But translating findings and using them to guide grantmaking can be challenging.

Career Trajectories of Jewish Educators: Key Findings for the Funding Community

More Paths for More People: Opportunities and Barriers to Becoming a Jewish Educator (First in a Three-Part Series)WHENMonday, October 18, 2021, 1

From Ivory Tower to Practice: Bridging the Research-Practice Divide in Jewish Education

CASJE Managing Director, Arielle Levites, moderates a panel on bridging the divide between research and practie for the 2021 NRJE Annual Conference Plenary session.

Join CASJE and JPro for "Why We Do What We Do: Motivation, Choice, and Career"

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CASJE / ADCA Program


Join CASJE and ADCA for a deeper dive into the Career Trajectories data and facilitated discussion about implications for strategic priorities.

Mapping the Market of Jewish Education

Release of Major Research on the Career Trajectories of Jewish Educators

It has been more than ten years since the last systematic effort to collect data about the Jewish educator workforce; in some areas of Jewish education no large-scale data have ever been collected…

CASJE's Career Trajectories Study: Implications for Jewish Educational Leaders

Join CASJE and Rosov Consulting for a special presentation of the study data for leaders in Jewish education