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Facing the Future: Mapping the Marketplace of Jewish Education during COVID-19

The “Mapping the Market” (MTM) strand of CASJE’s study of Recruitment, Retention and Development of Jewish Educators (RRDoJE) was conceived with the goal of shedding light on the Jewish education…

Problem Formulation Convening with the Institute for Jewish Spirituality

The Institute for Jewish Spirituality is in the midst of a generational shift both in its faculty and staff and in the audiences it serves.

Jewish Family Engagement In and Beyond the COVID Era

CASJE will present at Jewish Federation's 2020 Virtual General Assembly:

Applied Research: A Powerful Tool for Making Change

Hosted by Jewish Funders Network. Strategic philanthropy depends upon good data and research—however it’s not only about the data you have, but what you do with it.

Prizmah Podcasts: What Do Students Really Think of High School Talmud?

In this episode of "Research Encounters," a series from Prizmah, Dr.

Let's Stop Calling it "Hebrew School": Rationales, Goals, and Practices of Hebrew Education in Part-time Jewish Schools

This study investigated how Hebrew is taught and perceived at American part-time Jewish schools (also known as supplementary schools, religious schools, and Hebrew schools).

Let's Stop Calling it "Hebrew School" Rationales, Goals, and Practices of Hebrew Education in Part-time Jewish Schools

Join Hebrew at the Center and CASJE for an engaging presentation of new research on the what, how and why of Hebrew education in part-time Jewish settings.

Preparing For Entry: Concepts That Support a Study of What It Takes to Launch a Career in Jewish Education

The Preparing for Entry strand of our inquiry addresses a set of questions that will shed light on what it takes to launch a career in Jewish education and, in turn, what interventions might encour